Department of Sociology

The Sociology Department has set itself the aim of giving students who take Sociology courses a correct and humanistic orientation towards the totality of human practice and knowledge. Apart from its relevance as a major in a Bachelor of Arts Degree, it is also an excellent supporting subject for other courses for students who want to specialize in Social Work, Nursing Science, Geography, Tourism, and Consumer Sciences.

Sociology as a discipline has always specialized in producing critical thinkers and people who put that critical thinking into practice through asking questions and doing research to answer them. Thus, Sociology prepares students for participation in the world of work in a number of areas that deal with human interaction such as: policy formulation and analysis, resolution of labour disputes, and conducting research in order to find solutions to social problems.

Sociology is concerned with the way we live in the world, along with people and other species. Aspects of human social behaviour are studied within the environmental, political, economic, social, cultural and religious context as they influence and affect societal change at both micro- and macro-structural levels. Sociology encourages critical and independent thinking and urges students to critique existing theoretical frameworks. For the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (1SDEG1) a general overview of Sociology is presented at first-, second- and third-year levels. This is particularly relevant for students who are interested in understanding sociological theories, social policy, social development, gender issues and analysing social problems. The Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Sociology (1SDEG2) is situated within the field of the sociology of work, thus focusing on the direction and implications of trends in technological change, labour markets, globalisation, managerial practices and employment relations.

In line with the University’s Mission and Vision, the Department of Sociology is oriented to teaching students to think critically, collect and analyze information about social issues, to provide training for career opportunities, as well as scholarly pursuits among diverse student bodies.


Our vision is to give lectures on relevant courses that will enable all our students to sustain themselves in the world of work by acquiring preferred jobs and protract themselves in a scholarly manner in any academic institution as sociology graduates.


Our task in the Department is to provide the foundations of the knowledge of Sociology, and to equip students with the method of how to acquire more knowledge aimed at making life more harmonious, beautiful, and humanistic.

Aim and Approach

Our aim and approach is universal and humanistic, as well as to make the understanding of society and history clearer and more correct.

  • Creativity
  • Co-operation
  • Adeptness
  • Responsibility
  • Credibility


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