Department of General Linguistics and
Modern Languages

The Department of General Linguistics & Modern Languages has three sections: Afrikaans, General Linguistics and German (although we do not offer Afrikaans and German currently). It is situated at Inkanyiso Building, Upper Ground floor.

Courses Offered

The Department offers its undergraduate modules as part of the general Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. All our modules may be taken as majors or as electives. They may also be taken by students from other degree programmes, provided the programme rules allow this to happen.

Upon successful completion of the undergraduate BA degree, students may proceed to postgraduate level. At this level, we offer BA (Honours), Master’s and Doctoral degree qualifications.

Student support

All staff in the Department of General Linguistics & Modern Languages will always strive to give students all the support needed to excel in their studies, in line with the philosophy of the Department – that with commitment and focus on the part of the student, together with the necessary support from our staff, all students should succeed in their studies.

To this end, the Department will always try its best to secure funding (where possible) in order to ease the financial burden on the part of our students. Consult any of our staff members for further information in this regard.


Covid 19 Information

Hotline number 072 097 0901 for queries and information


Dr EM Mncwango

Head of Department and Senior Lecturer