Department of History

The Importance of Studying the Past

“…we will seek to educate both the young and ourselves about everything all our forebears did to uphold the torch of freedom… We will also work to rediscover and claim the African heritage, for the benefit especially of our young generation. From South Africa to Ethiopia lie strewn ancient fossils which, in their stillness, speak still of the African origins of all humanity. Recorded history and the material things that time left behind also speak of Africa’s historic contribution to the universe of philosophy, the natural sciences, human settlement and organisation, and the creative arts.”

Thabo Mbeki, former President of the Republic of South Africa, first inaugural speech, 16 June 1999. (The Star, Johannesburg, 17 June 1999 p. 4.)

For the University of Zululand to be able to meet its mandate, deliver services effectively and efficiently in an enabling environment which is characterized by safety, security and good health, and where past imbalances are addressed, there ought to be a History Department in the Faculty of Arts to ensure cooperation and striving towards the achievement of the University’s vision with minimum hindrances.

The History Department, headed by a Professor and Head of Department, undertakes to endeavor towards the attainment/realization of the following Strategic context:


A cadre of leading research, writing and publishing 21st century academic and professional historians.

  • To function within framework of the strategic vision, fundamental goals and strategic objectives of the university, viz. provision of quality education.
  • To ensure academic freedom at all levels and in all endeavours.
  • To participate in all democratic processes.
  • To upload the study of history as cultural science and academic discipline.
  • To inspire a historical consciousness, urging people to apply and develop this potent, dynamic and vital perspective of life.
  • To open up by research new and relevant areas of past human experience, preferably leading to improve lecturing and publications of acknowledge standing.
  • To lecture on the vast spectrum of past human development, as well as contemplated future.
  • To serve the University community on a group and individual basis.
  • To co-operate with leading personalities, departments institutions and organization in the field of history individually, locally and internationally.
  • To produce knowledgeable graduates.

Professionalism: Instilling an ethos of professionalism and commitment in the manner in which we function in lecture halls and offices towards students, colleagues, parents and other stakeholders.

Caring: Making the people we serve come first in performing our duties and displaying practices of compassion, kindness, altruism and respect.

Empathy: Understanding the needs of each individual, the physically challenged, family and communities to which we are accountable.

Teamwork: Cooperating with one another and with our partners in academic programmes in an open and transparent and supportive way to achieve shared goals.

Honesty: Exercising discretionary powers in accordance with the principles of natural justice and transparency in our dealings and reports.

Integrity: Ensuring consistent and sound policies, procedures and service to the people.

Fairness: Facilitating redress, equity, equality and freedom from discrimination and harassment in the workplace and in services we provide.


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Dr S.H Ntuli

Acting Head of Department & Lecturer

TF Khumalo

Administrative Assistant

Dr S. Gumede