Department of Psychology

The discipline of Psychology is housed in the Faculty of Arts Building, sixth floor. We currently offer the following academic programmes: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology and PhD in Community Psychology. We also offer a psychology stream in the BA programme which is a major in Psychology and Philosophy. A student who intends to pursue a career as a psychologist after successfully completing the honours degree we offer, can apply for a master’s degree at any university in South Africa which offers professional programme in clinical and counselling psychology. The department is working reviving clinical and counselling masters programmes.

We are a developing department, currently consists of six academic staff members with professional training in clinical, counselling and educational psychology registered with HPCSA. Out of six staff members, one is not yet registered with HPCSA.


Covid 19 Information

Hotline number 072 097 0901 for queries and information


Prof PB Mbele

Head of Department

Dr C Hermann­

Senior Lecturer

Dr VC Mathe


AD Singh


M Govender