Department of Philosophy and Applied Ethics

Philosophy is usually defined as the love of wisdom. However, the wisdom of philosophy concerns a special kind of thoughtfulness and reflection that goes to the very foundations of knowledge. The discipline seeks to answer fundamental questions about the world. Thus to study Philosophy in essence, is to satisfy the curiosity of the mind. Moreover, in a world that is ever more becoming technical, there is and will continue to be a great need for people endowed with skills for critical (self) reflection, critical and problem solving skills, and people who can think outside the box; philosophy fulfills this need. Moreover, as a student of philosophy you will learn and be equipped with analytical, logical, research and argumentative skills.

Studying Philosophy at UNIZULU

Unizulu’s Department of Philosophy and Applied Ethics has strengths in a number of core areas in philosophy and ethics which include Critical theory, Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of language, Phenomenology, Existentialism, African Philosophy and Feminist theory. A major in Philosophy can be taken in conjunction with another major subject offered in the Faculty of Arts. The Department offers the following qualifications: BA, BA Honours, MA, and PhD programs in Philosophy.


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Prof A Nicolaides

Head of Department

Dr S Ndlovu

Senior Lecturer

NE Dludla


EM Latecka


N Shozi


C Austin

Junior Lecturer