Department of Creative Arts

The Department of Creative Arts, at the University of Zululand is a small but vibrant department whose mandate is to produce locally and globally competitive graduates skilled and trained to be key role players in the ever-changing and demanding creative arts industry, and to be participatory and responsible global citizens. Through our academic, research and community engagement projects, we seek to push the envelope and produce students who dare to think outside of the box and who dare to challenge the status quo, interrogate and diffuse power, question and confront all forms of socio-economic, socio-cultural, religious and political inequalities and ills of our times.

As a department, we are very much involved in various community engagement projects, and we always strive to bridge the gap between the University and the community we serve. In a bid to effectively do this, we are always open to new partnerships and collaborations with institutions, organisations, stakeholders, business and enterprises that have a mandate to fulfill the global agenda and address the sustainable development goals, and ultimately impact humanity and the world positively.

The Department of Creative Arts is currently undergoing a strategic turn around to reposition itself within the Faculty of Arts and the University’s various platforms, primarily as an academic department, as a research hub particularly in practice led research, and also as a space to enhance and promote community engagement though various local and international networks. Our mandate is to ensure that the Creative Arts Department becomes really relevant and viable to the University community and the larger community it serves. We are working on becoming a hub of creativity and a welcoming meeting point for the University of Zululand staff, students and extended community to witness cutting edge artistic productions, exhibitions, engage in dialogue and consume meaningful and well thought out artistic works. Through various Drama, Theatre and Performance Processes, we aim at creating a safe space to initiate, promote and embrace a culture of transformation and social cohesion, healthy and critical dialogue, and cultural diversity.

Our staff and students are always being challenged to initiate and partake in as many groundbreaking academic and cultural programs or projects that will take our department, faculty and the university at large to higher heights.


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Prof X Fikelepi-Twani

Head of Department

Dr GM Ntaka


MG Manenye­


L Pepu­


HC Mathonsi­

Admin Assistant