The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is the largest Faculty at the University of Zululand, thus representing the largest number of enrolled students and the highest student-to-staff ratio. The 16 departments in the Faculty cover a wide range of fields including language and linguistics to social sciences and the humanities.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences remains dedicated to excellence and innovation in all fields and supports many research programmes and SAPSE recognised journals. The Faculty’s role reflects the central role of the University of Zululand; namely teaching and learning, research and community engagement particularly in humanities and social sciences.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a BA, Dual major which is versatile and allows those who graduate with it to automatically qualify for more than one career. The degree provides students with a broad grounding of skills, abilities, knowledge, understanding and awareness, and thus equip them with a background that will be useful to them as future employees and/or entrepreneurs.

“From diverse institutions we came
Touching fault-lines
Gently treading on minefields and knowledge we came to speak in whirlwinds of voices
Of humanities, soft and hard sciences
To seek to bridge chasms and being and becoming.
We dreamt awake
Of institutes and academics
Dances in the ellipse along perimeters of epistemic divides
Moving to the centre
To reunite with our deeper self
To know what it means to be human
In the context of our times
Grappling with rampant regimes of power
Now we begin to lay ghosts
Of dissonance to rest
As we began to catch glimpses
Of contested truths
In balances of power/ knowledge
As we carry out genealogies of disciplines to know for the first time
Why we are as we are
As we explore conditions of possibilities becoming”.
– Prof. Pitika Ntuli